CNN Panelist: Russians Think Trump Is Their ‘Political Prisoner’ [VIDEO]

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2:00 PM 11/11/2017

A CNN panelist stated Saturday that Russians see President Donald Trump as their “political prisoner,” and that Trump himself also feels this way.


On “CNN Newsroom,” host Fredricka Whitfield asked, “I mean what does this–kind of conflicting thoughts about the conversation say about who really is in the driver’s seat with this relationship? You know, between, you know, Putin and Trump in terms of when they meet? It always seems to be even more confusing when we hear these conflicting details about what was really said, who initiated what, what was promised and what was tackled.” (RELATED: CNN Host Dismisses Concerns About Trump Dossier Firm’s Suspicious Activity [VIDEO])

CNN Global Affairs correspondent Elise Labott responded, “I mean I think they’re both in like a kind of self driving car, Fred, and they don’t know where it’s going.”

She added, “I think that the Russians see Trump as a political prisoner and I think that the president himself sees himself as a political prisoner.” (RELATED: CNN vs. Russia: The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For)

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