Don Jr. Responds To The Hill Tweet

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12:36 PM 12/14/2017

In the era of Trump, everything the first family does seems to be news.

From the shoes Melania is wearing to the toys Barron plays with to the number of Diet Cokes Trump drinks, every step the family takes is a headline.

So it was Wednesday with Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. on Capitol Hill testifying before the House Intel Committee. The closed door testimony is deeply consequential and worth covering. However, reporter Olivia Beavers of The Hill decided that Don Jr.’s bathroom visit was also worth a tweet.

Beavers tweeted a video of Don Jr. entering the men’s bathroom in a break during the testimony. She said “Trump Jr. takes a bathroom break from closed door meeting with Senate Intel Committee — meeting started at 10am”  and even put a red circle around him:


In response, Don Jr. nuked the journalism industry, saying “SurpriIngly, not fakenews. Riveting stuff though. Journalism is dead.”


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