HARVEY makes landfall — What TEXAS is reading — BEHIND THE CURTAIN: WH reaches out to allies to say Gorka did not quit — ARPAIO FALLOUT — FOR OUR AUSTIN FANS: Franklin BBQ catches fire — B’DAY: Bob Barnett

Good Saturday morning. THE LATEST ON HARVEY — “Damaging Hurricane Harvey settles in over southeast Texas,” by AP’s Frank Bajak in Corpus Christi, Texas: “Hurricane Harvey settled over southeast Texas early Saturday, lashing the state’s Gulf Coast with damaging winds and dumping torrents of rain over hundreds of miles of coastline that braced for what forecasters predicted would be life-threatening storm surges — basically walls of water moving inland. The fiercest hurricane to hit the U.S. in more than a decade made landfall Friday night about 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi as a Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds.

“It gradually weakened over the next several hours and the National Hurricane Center said that by 5 a.m. Saturday Harvey was downgraded to a Category 1 — still sustaining winds of 90 mph. It had already dumped more than 9 inches of rain in the South Texas city of Victoria and had knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers.” http://bit.ly/2wGQb2R

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— @realDonaldTrump at 7:52 a.m.: “Closely monitoring #HurricaneHarvey from Camp David. We are leaving nothing to chance. City, State and Federal Govs. working great together!” Trump signed a disaster declaration Friday night, vowing to devote “the full force” of the federal government to provide emergency aid to the state.

OH BOY — @BDavisAAS: “WOW. Austin’s famous Franklin Barbecue catches on fire. Austin fire chief just now own TV: ‘The pit area is pretty much destroyed.’” … Franklin is one of the best BBQ places on earth. … Austin American Statesman https://atxne.ws/2wdj2bZ

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FRONT PAGES FROM THE LONE STAR STATE — CORPUS CHRISTI CALLER TIMES: “BRACING FOR IMPACT … As the hurricane barrelled toward Coastal Bend, thousands fled while others vowed to ride out the storm” http://bit.ly/2wxGbspHOUSTON CHRONICLE: “HARVEY’S HAVOC … Category 4 storm roads ashore as the strongest hurricane to wallop Texas since 1961” http://bit.ly/2wxAScrTHE DAILY NEWS (Galveston County): “‘We Are Very Concerned’” http://bit.ly/2vfMBw8

FRIDAY EVENING NEWS DUMP ALERT: Sebastian Gorka gone, transgender military rules changed, Joe Arpaio pardoned — all in the middle of a massive hurricane in Texas. And oh yeah: North Korea was also busy testing its weapons system. WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND!

— SENATE MINORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER SPEAKS: “As millions of people in TX and LA are prepping for the hurricane, the President is using the cover of the storm to 1/… Pardon a man who violated a court’s order to stop discriminating against Latinos and 2/ … Ban courageous transgender men and women from serving our nation’s Armed Forces. 3/ … Then he ran to Camp David. The only reason to do these right now is to use the cover of Hurricane Harvey to avoid scrutiny 4/ … So sad, so weak. 5/5”.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE WANTS YOU TO THINK ABOUT GORKA — There has been a lot of back and forth over whether controversial Trump aide Sebastian Gorka was fired or resigned. The White House took the unusual step of reaching out to top Republicans late last night to reinforce its position. One veteran GOP operative noted: “First time I have ever seen surrogate operations send something like this.”

Kelly Sadler, special assistant to Trump, sent a blast email Friday night to its surrogates with the subject “Background on Sebastian Gorka.” For background purposes only, Sadler wrote: “From a White House Official: ‘Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he no longer works at the White House.’Gorka’s “resignation letter,” via The Federalist http://bit.ly/2wdianG


— ERIC WOLFF, JOSH DAWSEY, BEN WHITE and DANIEL LIPPMAN: “An Ohio electric utility and one of the country’s top coal companies had some well-placed help when pressing President Donald Trump for emergency federal assistance for the coal industry — his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“The companies wanted Trump to prevent utilities from closing economically ailing coal-fired power plants, using authorities normally designed to protect the U.S. electricity supply during emergencies. And as they made their case, they got support from the former Trump aide, who has remained in the president’s orbit despite being fired from his campaign more than a year ago.

“Lewandowski denied in a message Friday that he is working for the companies, utility FirstEnergy and mining corporation Murray Energy. But his involvement in the issue alarmed some senior administration officials and others close to Trump, who saw his role as that of a lobbyist and believed he was being paid for the work. Lewandowski spoke in support of the utility’s agenda at the White House and met with other senior administration officials on the issue this spring and summer, according to senior White House officials and records reviewed by POLITICO. Lewandowski was also integral in setting up meetings between Chuck Jones, the CEO of utility FirstEnergy, with Trump and other White House officials, according to the documents and officials. Lewandowski traveled aboard Air Force One during that period, sources said.” http://politi.co/2vxuU6L

— JOSH DAWSEY: “Fallout grows as Trump continues attacks on fellow GOP members”: “‘If the goal is to accomplish absolutely nothing and fundamentally destroy the Republican Party from a national perspective, I wouldn’t change a thing,’ said Josh Holmes, a former chief of staff and adviser to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” http://politi.co/2vykXFT

— JOSH DAWSEY and BEN WHITE: “Ditching Trump’s White House can be a messy affair: Economic adviser Gary Cohn wrote resignation letters after Charlottesville, joining the ranks of aides who have threatened to quit or resigned — while remaining in the building”: “[Gary Cohn] talked to his family about quitting, and his wife urged him to do so. He went to Bedminster for a last-minute meeting with the president last Friday, according to people familiar with the session. But he didn’t quit, instead choosing to criticize Trump in an interview with the Financial Times while sticking around to see what Trump will do – leaving Cohn in limbo and his White House colleagues and others mystified. …

“No one is exactly sure what Spicer is doing these days at the White House; he quit five weeks ago but is still there while negotiating his next gig and meeting with TV networks, while staying on the payroll. … One senior administration official said Trump seems to relish the personnel dramas. He’ll ask aides what they think of each other. He will tell advisers that he is considering firing someone. He doesn’t mind trial balloons. He likes to see how much public embarrassment someone can take. …

“After weighing the decision with his family, he went to Bedminster to talk with Trump. He told Trump he would publicly criticize him and then did it in the Financial Times interview that published Friday, according to a person familiar with the conversation.” http://politi.co/2wxuodr

****** A message from Chevron: When an endangered butterfly was found near a Chevron refinery, we protected the habitat and still plant the only thing they eat—buckwheat. Watch the video: http://politi.co/2ie5v0A ******

ATTN. TRUMP: COHN DOGGING YOU IN PUBLIC! — WAPO’S DAMIAN PALETTA and PHIL RUCKER: “Trump confronts unprecedented public rebuke by Gary Cohn after Charlottesville”: “On Wednesday evening, Cohn complained loudly about Trump while dining with friends at a Long Island restaurant called the Frisky Oyster. Cohn explained to his companions — in a loud voice overheard by others — that he had to be careful not to give Trump too much lead time about some new ideas because the president could disclose the information prematurely and upend the planning process, according to a person familiar with the dinner. … Cohn’s critics celebrated the Financial Times interview Friday, hoping that it would undercut his stature with the president. One Trump ally outside the White House, who has been strategizing to undermine Cohn, said, ‘Cohn looks like he blew himself up, so we’re not going to have to blow him up.’” http://wapo.st/2w6KOsm

ARPAIO PARDONED — ARIZONA REPUBLIC: “President Donald Trump has pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his criminal contempt conviction, removing the only legal consequences the lawman faced stemming from a long-running racial-profiling suit. The White House announced the pardon Friday evening in a news release that recounted Arpaio’s lengthy career of ‘admirable service’ in federal and local law enforcement and called him ‘a worthy candidate for a Presidential pardon.’

“Reached moments after the announcement, Arpaio said he had not spoken to
Trump, but ‘I’m very appreciative of the president issuing that pardon. It shows how he backs up law enforcement.’ Arpaio told The Arizona Republic he learned of the president’s action from his lawyer, who visited him Friday at about 4 p.m. at Arpaio’s Fountain Hills home. The lawyer delivered Arpaio’s wife, Ava, a birthday gift, and ‘the other gift was the pardon,’ said Arpaio, who added that he and his wife planned to celebrate over a dinner of spaghetti with calamari and red wine at a favorite Italian restaurant.” http://bit.ly/2wFNtKWPic of Arpaio reading his pardon http://bit.ly/2vfQjG4

— INTERESTING: Trump didn’t mention anything about the conviction in his statement announcing the pardon. He just ran down Arpaio’s career and said, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now eighty-five years old, and after more than fifty years of admirable service to our Nation, he is worthy candidate for a Presidential pardon.”

CNN’S LAURA JARRETT — @LauraAJarrett: “DOJ had no role in Arpaio pardon per source with knowledge — this did not follow typical Office of Pardon Attorney process”.

— THE POLITICAL IMPACT: CNN’s ERIC BRADNER: (@ericbradner): “Now, the Arpaio pardon has given Arizona Democrats the most powerful tool they could possibly want to turn out Latinos in ‘18 and ‘20”.

— ARIZONA REPUBLIC EDITORIAL: Our View: Donald Trump just resurrected Joe Arpaio from irrelevance”: “His pardon of Joe Arpaio elevated the disgraced former Maricopa County sheriff to monument status among the immigration hardliners and nationalists in Trump’s base. This erases any doubt about whether Trump meant to empower them after the violence in Charlottesville.” http://bit.ly/2iydR31

— @SenJohnMcCain: “.@POTUS’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, who illegally profiled Latinos, undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law.” … @JeffFlake: “Regarding the Arpaio pardon, I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its course.”

–“The Joe Arpaio I Knew,” by Ryan Gabrielson in ProPublica: “The former Maricopa County sheriff made his name in part by targeting immigrants — even after a judge ordered him to stop … it’s worth remembering precisely what Arpaio did in his decades in law enforcement.” http://bit.ly/2wH98T5

FLASHBACK — GLENN THRUSH, June 20, 2016: “Trump’s political godfather: Joe Arpaio, America’s most controversial sheriff, talks to ‘Off Message’ about what he taught Donald Trump about politics.” http://politi.co/28IUdNe

DEFENSE SECRETARY JIM MATTIS, speaking to U.S. soldiers in JORDAN: “You’re a great example for our country right now. It’s got some problems. You know it, and I know it. It’s got problems we don’t have in the military. And you just hold the line, my fine young soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines. You just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other, and showing it and being friendly to one another … We’re doggone lucky to be Americans and we got two powers, the power of inspiration, and we’ll get the power of inspiration back, and we’ve got the power of intimidation, and that’s you if someone wants to screw with our families, our country and our allies.” http://bit.ly/2iyWxLs

THE LATEST ON THE TRANSGENDER BAN — “Fate of transgender already in military unclear under order,” by AP’s Robert Burns: “President Donald Trump on Friday directed the Pentagon to extend indefinitely a ban on transgender individuals joining the military, but he appeared to leave open the possibility of allowing some already in uniform to remain. Trump gave Defense Secretary Jim Mattis authority to decide the matter of openly transgender individuals already serving, and he said that until the Pentagon chief makes that decision, ‘no action may be taken against’ them. … Mattis has been directed to take a number of factors into consideration in determining how to deal with transgender individuals already serving. Those factors are to include broad measures such as ‘military effectiveness,’ budgetary constraints and ‘unit cohesion,’ as well as other factors Mattis deems ‘relevant.’” http://bit.ly/2xlt62V

MUELLER WATCH — “Mueller Seeks Grand Jury Testimony from PR Execs Who Worked With Manafort,” by NBC News’ Ken Dilanian, Carol E. Lee and Tom Winter: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued grand jury subpoenas in recent days seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on an international campaign organized by Paul Manafort, people directly familiar with the matter told NBC News. This is the first public indication that Mueller’s investigation is beginning to compel witness testimony before the grand jury — a significant milestone … It is also further indication that Manafort … could be in serious legal jeopardy. According to one executive whose firm received a subpoena, Mueller’s team is closely examining the lobbying campaign, which ran between 2012 and 2014.” http://nbcnews.to/2vxO1O2

— WashPost’s Carol D. Leonnig and Tom Hamburger: “The investigators asked Mercury for information about their public relations work at Manafort’s behest for a Brussels-based organization called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, which pushed for improved relations between the Ukraine and European countries. … Mercury … had worked on the Ukraine lobbying project with the Podesta Group, led by Anthony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, who led Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. … Mike McKeon, a partner at Mercury, declined to comment on or confirm that his firm received a subpoena. … Investigators have sought information from SGR in relation to work Flynn did for a Dutch company with ties to Turkish President Recep Erdogan.” http://wapo.st/2vfMXDc

HMM — “OSHA scrubs worker deaths from home page,” by Ian Kullgren: “The federal department charged with protecting workers erased data on workplace deaths from the home page of its website Friday — and changed its policy to disclose fewer fatal accidents in the future. For the past several years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had maintained a running list of workers killed on the job — including the date, name and cause of death — near the top of its home page. The list included every worker death reported to OSHA, regardless of whether the company was issued a citation. On Friday, the box on the home page disappeared and was replaced with information on how companies can voluntarily cooperate with OSHA to reduce safety risks.

“That information was available before but is now displayed more prominently. The new fatality list, buried on an internal page of the website, does not include incidents where a worker was killed if the company was not cited for violations. The change could leave about 20 percent of worker deaths off the log, said Debbie Berkowitz, an adviser at OSHA during the Obama administration and currently a senior fellow at the National Employment Law Project.” http://politi.co/2wO7Sg9

NEW FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE – “As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police ‘Never Moved,’” by NYT’s Frances Robles: “As demonstrators clashed near a downtown park here two weeks ago, a white nationalist protester in a bulletproof vest turned, pointed a pistol toward the crowd and fired a single shot at the ground, in the direction of a black man wielding an improvised torch. To make his escape, a video recording shows, the armed protester strolled past a line of about a dozen state police troopers who were safely positioned about 10 feet away behind two metal barricades. None of them budged. … So stark was the police failure to intervene, many participants in the protest and counterprotests believe it was by design.” http://nyti.ms/2wPJFpz

— SF CHRONICLE: “Right-wing rallies in limbo in San Francisco and Berkeley”: http://bit.ly/2wccABS

REMEMBERING FORMER REP. VERN EHLERS — MLive.com: “U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and former Michigan Gov. John Engler were among several hundred dignitaries, friends and neighbors who attended a memorial service for former U.S. Rep. Vernon Ehlers on Thursday … Ehlers, who died on Aug. 15 at age 83, was remembered as an environmentalist, educator, father and public servant who encouraged his students, family and colleagues: ‘Leave it better than you found it.’” With 35 pix on one page http://bit.ly/2geq5wV

— EHLERS held the Grand Rapids-area seat for 18 years. That seat is now occupied by Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

AMERICA’S LONGEST WAR — “Pentagon’s concealment of total troops in war zones under fire,” by Wesley Morgan: “Caps on troop levels in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria mandated by the Obama administration have led to an elaborate Pentagon accounting system that conceals thousands of troops from the public — one that is quickly unraveling as the Trump administration prepares to send more troops to the region. With new plans to ramp up the war in Afghanistan, the military is finding it exceedingly difficult to maintain a practice that purposely doesn’t count certain troops in the battle zone that military officials insist was not designed to be misleading but many critics now assert is at best an officially sanctioned charade.

“The U.S. already has as many as 12,000 troops in Afghanistan, significantly higher than its 8,400-person cap. If President Donald Trump sends nearly 4,000 additional troops, as officials predict, the total will be nearly double the current public number. In Iraq, where the Baghdad government faces political resistance to a large American troop presence, the 5,200 troop figure the Pentagon uses in public serves as a useful fiction. In fact, more than 7,000 U.S. troops are in Iraq, according to recent reports. And in Syria the official 503 U.S. troops mostly covers special operations units. But hundreds of other troops who support them and their local allies remain classified — including the Marine artillerymen and Army Rangers whose vehicles are frequently photographed by local journalists.” http://politi.co/2xB4mmD

— “Trump’s Afghan Gamble Now Rests on General He Doubted,” by NYT’s Mujib Mashal: “The commander in chief and his commander fighting the uphill war in Afghanistan have never met. Even after months of delay, when President Trump convened his national security team to complete his Afghanistan strategy, the commander, Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., was conspicuously absent. That distance reflects a remarkable shift in America’s longest war. Mr. Trump’s predecessors overcame even the most awkward relationships for regular briefings with their field commanders. When General Nicholson, a 61-year-old combat veteran described by peers as a ‘thinker warrior,’ was asked at a news conference in Kabul on Thursday if he had directly briefed the president, he said: ‘I provide my input through the chain of command, and this system works well.’” http://nyti.ms/2gd8e9U

WHAT BOSTON IS READING — White House anti-drug office asks Mass. for medical marijuana data,” by the Boston Globe’s Dan Adams: “An arm of the White House’s antidrug office has asked Massachusetts and several other states where medical marijuana is legal to turn over information about registered patients, triggering a debate over privacy rights and whether state officials should cooperate with a federal administration that appears hostile to the drug.

“Dale Quigley, deputy coordinator of the National Marijuana Initiative, or NMI, has asked Massachusetts health officials for data on the age, gender, and medical condition of the state’s approximately 40,000 registered medical marijuana patients. Quigley is a former police officer in Colorado with a long history of speaking out against legalization. … In an interview, Quigley said the data are for a routine research project, in which he is looking for any correlation between how strictly states regulate medical cannabis and the rates of marijuana use among different age groups within the general public in those states.” http://bit.ly/2vxS4tI

THE ADMINISTRATION — “Trump nominates Iancu to head U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,” by John Hendel: “President Donald Trump [on Friday] nominated intellectual property attorney Andrei Iancu as director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. POLITICO previously reported that Iancu, a managing partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm Irell & Manella, topped the list of candidates for the office. While not well known inside the Beltway, he’s viewed by some as a compromise candidate who is not too close to the technology or pharmaceutical sectors, which are often at odds over patent policy.”

****** A message from Chevron: This is a story about DOERS, butterflies, and buckwheat. In ’75, the endangered El Segundo Blue butterfly was found near a Chevron refinery. We protected the habitat and planted the only thing they eat—buckwheat. We’re still planting and keeping an eye on our littlest neighbor. Watch the video: http://politi.co/2ie5v0A ******

HAPPENING TONIGHT CONOR MCGREGOR (age 29) vs. FLOYD MAYWEATHER (age 40). THE LINE: Floyd Mayweather is at -600, which means one would have to wager 600 to win 100. McGregor is at +450, which means you’d have to wager 100 to win 450.

— TMZ: “LAST CALL FOR PRIVATE JETS!!!” http://bit.ly/2vqaU6G

— FUN PRIVATE FLIGHTS INTO LAS VEGAS: West Hampton, New York; New Haven; White Plains, New York; lots of L.A.-area airports; Kelowna, British Columbia; Hartford.

CLICKER – “The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics,” edited by Matt Wuerker — 12 keepers http://politi.co/2xk3TFI

GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman:

–“How Colleges Are Strangling Liberalism,” by Mark Lilla in the Chronicle of Higher Ed: “An obsession with identity has made students less likely to engage with a world beyond themselves.” http://bit.ly/2vwsDsi

–“I Want to Persuade You to Care About Other People” – Longreads: “After changing her conservative grandfather’s mind about affirmative action, Danielle Tcholakian commits to trying to get through to people whose politics are very different from her own.” http://bit.ly/2ve7Q1v

–“Richard Florida Is Sorry,” by Sam Wetherell in Jacobin Mag: “For years, Richard Florida preached the gospel of the creative class. His new book is a mea culpa.” http://bit.ly/2wFkS8z

–“My Weekend at the Falwells’ South Beach Flophouse,” by Brandon Ambrosino in Politico Magazine’s Friday Cover: “Liberty University presents itself as a temple of virtue. But its founding family’s secret Miami hostel is a cesspool of vice.” http://politi.co/2wOc0fV

–“Germany Must Abandon Its Military Reluctance and Lead,” by Anne Applebaum in Der Spiegel: “Germany enjoys high regard around the world. But with American power weakening and authoritarian powers rising, the country needs to abandon its military reluctance and finally lead in Europe.” http://bit.ly/2gdNkax

–“Justice,” by Domnick Dunne in the March 1984 issue of Vanity Fair: “A father’s account of the trial of his daughter’s killer.” http://bit.ly/2gdr6W4

–“A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof,” by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah in GQ: “‘What are you?’ a member of the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston asked at the trial of the white man who killed eight of her fellow black parishioners and their pastor. ‘What kind of subhuman miscreant could commit such evil?… What happened to you, Dylann?’ Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah spent months in South Carolina searching for an answer to those questions—speaking with Roof’s mother, father, friends, former teachers, and victims’ family members, all in an effort to unlock what went into creating one of the coldest killers of our time.” http://bit.ly/2vowBUS

–“Mysterious Circumstances,” by David Grann in the December 13th, 2004 issue of the New Yorker: “The strange death of a Sherlock Holmes fanatic.” http://bit.ly/2ixBbOF (h/t Longform.org)

–“Why Was an Italian Graduate Student Tortured and Murdered in Egypt?” by NYT’s Declan Walsh: “The strange twists in the case of Giulio Regeni’s disappearance in Cairo.” http://nyti.ms/2wOwBRm

–“How Police Cracked Canada’s Largest Child Pornography Ring,” by Robert Kolker in The Walrus: “Inside the year-long effort to take down a criminal organization hiding in plain sight.” http://bit.ly/2wO8zpR

–“The Toll: A 911 plea for help, a Taser shot, a death — and the mounting toll of stun guns,” by Reuters’ Peter Eisler, Jason Szep, Tim Reid and Grant Smith: “In the most detailed study ever of fatalities and litigation involving police use of stun guns, Reuters finds more than 150 autopsy reports citing Tasers as a cause or contributor to deaths across America. Behind the fatalities is a sobering reality: Many who die are among society’s vulnerable – unarmed, in psychological distress and seeking help.” http://reut.rs/2vwT3Kp

–“The Weekly Package: How Cubans deliver culture without internet,” by Kim Wall in Harper’s: “Where Cuban internet exists, it is inescapably social. There are 353 public Wi-Fi hot spots in the nation, with fifty-three scattered around Havana, all operated—and surveilled.” http://bit.ly/2xzBBq3

SPOTTED: Kellyanne Conway with her kids and a friend at il Canale pizzeria in Georgetown last night. Pic with il Canale general manager Matteo Russoniello http://politi.co/2vfGmbP At another table was former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman, who is in town for the Redskins game … Mika and Joe headlining Seeds of Peace’s 25th anniversary benefit last night in Kennebunk, Maine — pics http://politi.co/2xBrhy3Joe on the guitar http://politi.co/2wPRPOJ

… Bob Barnett, whose birthday is today, wearing a blazer, khakis and blue shoes with orange soles on Main Street in Nantucket on Friday afternoon … Andy Hemming, who recently left the White House, playing 18 with Webber Steinhoff at the University of Maryland golf course. Hemming shot an 89 and Steinhoff a 79. … Jonathan Swan, with earbuds firmly embedded in his ears, stopping in Wydown Coffee Bar on Friday morning in the middle of a run.

TRANSITIONS — JEFF GRAPPONE has been nominated to be assistant secretary of labor for public affairs. He currently is a senior communicator at Siemens USA’s corporate HQ and previously was communications director for Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.).

— Curt Black has been promoted to account executive on Google’s GOP advertising business. He was previously on the team as an account manager, and is now moving into a lead strategy role. … United Nations Foundation COO Rick Parnell is stepping down on Oct. 1 after 16 years with the foundation in various roles.

ENGAGED – OBAMA ALUMNI — Casey Hernandez, VP of content at Herbalife Nutrition and former senior communications adviser at Treasury, on Thursday night got engaged to Paul Rosen, a partner at the law firm Crowell and Moring and former chief of staff at DHS. “Paul asked Casey to marry him on a quiet beach in Mallorca, Spain. In the traditional DC way, the Obama admin alums met at the house of their mutual friends Brian and Julia Komar on New Year’s Day 2015.” Pic http://politi.co/2xzL2Gb

WELCOME TO THE WORLDAlex Finland, founder of PR firm Driver Eight Media and a CRAFT and Fox News alum, and private chef Brooke Finland welcomed Clark Read Finland, who was born early this morning at Sibley. “Clark weighed in at 8.8 lbs. The baby boy and his mother Brooke are both doing well.” Pic http://politi.co/2gepYBG

– DSCC ALUMNI — Rachel Jacobs, an associate in the political law practice of Perkins Coie, and Billy Jacobs, an associate at Weisbrod Matteis & Copley, welcomed Eli Lawrence Jacobs, who was born Aug. 18 at 8:02 p.m., weighing 6lbs, 1oz, and measuring 19-inches long. Pic http://bit.ly/2xzA43l

BIRTHWEEK (was yesterday): Zach Cikanek, VP of public affairs at FP1 Strategies (hat tip: fiancé Jolyn Lorenzetti – the couple gets married next weekend in Chicago)

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Jenn Sherman, health press secretary for the House Energy & Commerce Committee. How she’s celebrating: “My boyfriend [Bill Gray of Issue One] took me to Captiva Island, Florida, earlier this month to celebrate entering into a new decade. On my actual birthday, I’m looking forward to crushing it at Orange Theory Fitness in Navy Yard, some time by the pool, and an epic meal at RPM Italian.” Read her Playbook Plus Q&A: http://politi.co/2xlrjus

BIRTHDAYS: Robert Barnett … USA Today’s David Jackson … Tom Ridge, chairman of Ridge Global … Eric Fehrnstrom … Joe Weisenthal, co-host of Bloomberg’s “What’d You Miss?” and editor at Bloomberg … Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, celebrating on Women’s Equality Day and her birthday twin Eddie Vale, partner at New Paradigm Strategy (h/ts Amanda Thayer) … Messina Group partner Sean Sweeney …. LCV alum Navin Nayak, SVP of Corridor Partners … Amanda Wood … Robert Flock, associate director of advocacy for legislative affairs at Credit Union National Association (h/t girlfriend Remley Johnson) … Devan Cayea of Gov. Cuomo’s D.C. office … Jim Harris … Satyam Khanna … BuzzFeed world editor Miriam Elder (h/ts Ben Smith and Ben Chang) … Evan Zimmerman … journalist Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics series … Patrick Dorton, partner at Rational 360 and a Clinton WH alum (h/t Brian Bartlett) …

… D.C. white-collar lawyer Justin Dillon, partner at KaiserDillon … Francis Morris … Brooke Barrios … Ammar Akkash … Kiran Chetry … Julian Epstein … Myles Miller … Keith T. Tomatore … Ari Ratner, founder and CEO of Inside Revolution and an Obama alum … Kirk Anderson … Kimberly Overbeek … Andrew Ross of Sen. Isakson’s office … Lee Ann Calaway … Thomas Rice … Tiffany Cox … Steve Tomaszweski … Corey Cooke … former Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) … AP alum Jamal Halaby … Jason Goings … Jackie Smith … Don Sweitzer … Kate Sienicki … Tiana Robison (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … Don Preston, head of gov’t affairs in the Americas at Swiss Re … Bill Moore … Barclays Capital alum David Stroud … George Edwards … journalist Arthur MacMillan … broadcast journalist Bill Whitaker … Melissa McCarthy … Macaulay Culkin … Chris Pine (h/ts AP)

THE SHOWS, by @MattMackowiak, filing from Austin:

— CNN’s “State of the Union”: FEMA Administrator Brock Long … Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Panel: Mary Katharine Ham, Jennifer Granholm, Michael Caputo and Karine Jean-Pierre.

— ABC’S “This Week”: Tom Bossert … Zalmay Khalilzad … Douglas Lute. Panel: Matthew Dowd, Roland Martin, Julie Pace, Jen Psaki and Chris Ruddy

— “Fox News Sunday”: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Panel: Karl Rove, Catherine Lucey, Josh Holmes and Juan Williams

— NBC’s “Meet the Press”: Ohio Gov. John Kasich … Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). Panel: Yamiche Alcindor, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, Danielle Pletka and Katy Tur

— CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) … Tom Donilon, Navy Adm. James Winnefeld (Ret.). Panel: Ben Domenech, Clarence Page, Susan Page, Amy Walter and Tim Bossert (substitute host: CBS News’ Major Garrett)

— CNN’s “Inside Politics” with John King: Margaret Talev, Jonathan Martin, Manu Raju and Jeff Zeleny (substitute host: Nia-Malika Henderson)

— CNN’s “Reliable Sources”: Panel: Joanne Lipman, Lydia Polgreen and Jeff Greenfield … David Zurawik … Kurt Bardella … Clarissa Ward

Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”: Kelli Ward … Bill Browder … Rep. Jason Chaffetz … Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla). Panel: Steve Sigmund and Caitlin Huey-Burns

— Fox News’ “MediaBuzz”: Erin McPike … Mo Elleithee … Emily Jashinsky … Rich Lowry … Ed Henry … Will Leitch

— CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS”: Special episode: “Why Trump Won” featuring Nate Silver, Mahoning County, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Betras, David Brooks, Thomas Frank, George Packer and Tony Schwartz

— Univision’s “Al Punto”: Illia Calderón … Joe Arpaio Clarissa Martínez-de-Castro … Venezuelan opposition leaders Lechería Mayor Gustavo Marcano and Chacao Mayor Ramón Muchacho … Dr. Juan Rivera) … Olga Tañón … Cecilia Suárez

— C-SPAN: “The Communicators”: Interviews from the Microsoft tech fair in Washington with Microsoft VP of Government Affairs Fred Humphries and Microsoft researcher Ranveer Chandra … “Newsmakers”: Neil Bradley, questioned by The Washington Post’s Heather Long and Bloomberg News’ Sahil Kapur … “Q&A”: Thomas Ricks

— Washington Times’ “Mack on Politics” weekly politics podcast with Matt Mackowiak (download on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher or listen at http://bit.ly/2r37J6h): Yahoo News’ Jon Ward, currently working on a book about the 1980 Democratic presidential primary between President Jimmy Carter and then-Sen. Ted Kennedy.

****** A message from Chevron: This is a story about DOERS, butterflies, and buckwheat. In ’75, the endangered El Segundo Blue butterfly was found near a Chevron refinery. We protected the habitat and planted the only thing they eat—buckwheat. We’re still planting and keeping an eye on our littlest neighbor. Watch the video: http://politi.co/2ie5v0A ******

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