Hillary Praises ‘Accountability’ Of Al Franken, Ignores Bill’s Accusers

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3:57 PM 11/18/2017

Hillary Clinton praised Democratic Sen. Al Franken in a radio interview Friday, comparing him to Roy Moore and Donald Trump.

Clinton, in an interview with WABC, said that Al Franken’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct “is the kind of accountability I’m talking about. I don’t hear that from Roy Moore or Donald Trump.”

She also said, “Look at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump who have done neither.”

The failed presidential candidate was also asked about allegations made against her husband, Bill Clinton.

“Every situation has to be judged on its own merit,” she said, adding, “I don’t know that we can rewrite and revise history.” (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Asked About Hillary Condemning Trump’s Sexual Behavior – Her Response Is A Flamethrower)

Clinton also said that President Trump has “disgraced the office,” saying, “I didn’t think he’d be as bad as he turned out to be.” (RELATED: Clinton Questions Legitimacy Of 2016 Election)

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