Jennifer Granholm: Trump Committed ‘Very Unpatriotic Acts’ Because He’s ‘Insecure’ …

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3:15 PM 11/12/2017

CNN contributor and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm stated Sunday that President Donald Trump was committing “unpatriotic acts” because he is “insecure” about Russia.


Granholm, appearing on “State of the Union,” said, “I think that Trump is very well aware of the sentiment out there that was expressed in the CNN poll that was issued earlier this past week, which says that two-thirds of Americans, including a lot of Republicans, are really concerned about Russia and Russian interference.”

“I think that he’s so utterly freaked out by–and insecure about his position as president, knowing that Russia did intervene, that he yesterday committed three very unpatriotic acts in one day. Criticizing our U.S. intel agencies on foreign soil. Standing up with Putin, saying he believes Putin over the U.S. intel agencies,” she said.

“He didn’t say that,” Rick Santorum replied.

She continued, saying, “And third, criticizing James Clapper, three-star general, on Veterans Day. Honestly, no wonder he quickly, in the same news cycle–did a backspin on it, because he knew how horrible that looks for himself, his administration, and for the country. No wonder John McCain said, this is not America First. Really, this is putting Russia First.”

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