Stock Trading For Beginners Course – Free

This is brief and free “Stock Trading For Beginners Course.”  It is 100% and should help provide very basic foundation for a beginner that wants to start investing in stocks or other investments.

Trading Stocks Online – Investing On Stocks

Stock Trading For Beginners Course

When you have decided to jump aboard, sit down and take stock of your finances. Don’t go by the myth: the more you invest the more you reap. It’s no fixed deposit.

Invest the money you can live without and don’t invest the sum you can’t live without. That would be a disaster. Identify the strong stocks, invest on them and play safe. Of course, that is until you understand the market.

Don’t invest all your money on one or two stocks that looks like a winner. Sure, the possibility of hitting jackpot is higher, but look at the downside, if the handpicked stocks of yours fail then you lose everything.

It’s always wise to distribute your investment on a set of stocks that you believe has the strength to stay stable and expect no dramatic downturns.

There is no short cut to success. You have to go through the grind. Equal distribution of the investment sum would pay rich dividends.

Importantly, invest money from your savings and never go for a debt sum to see you through the fortune market. Be prepared! Even though stock trading sounds more of a gamble than a chore, it has the quality to make you reach the pinnacle or pull you down the drain.

It’s a common trend that when a stock suddenly shows life and moves in the fast lane everybody would like
to be on board. It’s a mistake if you short sell the other stocks and move on to this promising train.

Law of gravity, everything that has gone up bounds to come down and if you have a considerable investment riding on it, your fortunes come down with a thud.

Stock Trading For Beginners Course


Getting Started – Investing On Stocks Online

More often than not, the toughest part about a task is getting started. That especially rings true in online stock trading. You would have read the success stories, heard “hey, there is money to make” chatter from your friends, and of course, the television endorsements.

You would have been determined to start the very moment, but alas it’s like hitting a gym. Yes. You happen to start early one fine day with the adrenaline rush and then, everyday is not the same. Those six pack abs start to look like a distant dream. It’s easy to throw in the towel and go instead for a six pack of beer.

This is a business and not a treasure hunt. If you want to get rich in a day, this is not for you. Trade with caution, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow successful. Just not the stocks, it works in every walk of life.

Determination is the key and commitment should be the motto. To sit in front of your computer for hours doesn’t make you a great trader, but to dabble with the stocks, start reading. There are innumerable books from where you can source the knowledge from and of course, there is the World Wide Web.

There are 24 hour news channels that feed you information like no other. There are experts that adorn the screen who talk about anything and everything about stocks. Pick up the nuances of stock trading from these experts, gain the knowledge from the books, and trust your gut. Remember, intuition and cold logic are the attributes that makes a successful stock trader. We strongly recommend using free sources first, before buying into newsletters and systems. 

Stock Trading For Beginners Course

A great stock screen is Finviz.  Best part it is free.  Try it today!


Trading Stocks Online – Secrets of Successful Trading

There are expert traders, a lot of smart people, and thoughtful common men and women in this business and all of them are on a quest to predict the mood of the market.

Everyone is concentrated on the spiral curve of stocks. You don’t need to outwit them, but tag along. Bet on the winners, bet at the right time, and know when to stop. That’s the mantra of successful stock trading.

Now, the brokers or agents play an important role in identifying stocks for you. Choose them judiciously as they choose your wealth almost all the time. High commission doesn’t guarantee you great results.

There are brokers who charge minimum commission, but provide valuable service. You have to choose them with care. It doesn’t mean you have to depend on the brokers for life. You can start your research and start expanding your knowledge about the tricks of the trade.

Identify the industry’s myths and stay far away from them. Never ever go for a dipping stock and expect a miracle turnover in a short period time. Statistics says that a dipping stock is usually doomed to failure. Bet on the horse that is winning, but again don’t go overboard. It’s all about holding yourself back.

Patience is virtue and that’s especially true in trading. The markets swing both ways both up and down. When things are looking up it’s easy to stick on, but when it starts its downward trend, be patient. Wait for things to change and hold on to stocks of whose fortunes you are confident of changing.

Stock Trading For Beginners Course

Trading Stocks Online – Points To Ponder

Markets of today are fast-moving. You can not only make money but also lose money in a jiffy if you don’t go by the market trends and tendencies.

Assess the risk of your investment well, prior to investing money. Risk management is not the usual territory of the youth, but it serves as a speed breaker and limits your loss.

The first person to convince before going into high gear is you yourself. If you are unsure of what you are getting into, then it would turn a damp squib.

Groundwork is a must for any new venture and stock markets are no different. To win the game, you should play by the rules and for that you should know the rules.

Once you are aware of the market tendencies, you can start trading as an independent investor. However, an investor should keep a few things in mind before plunging into trading stocks:

*Equip yourself against the odds an investor is likely to face while trading stocks online.

*You should be able to study, assess and analyze the past & present and should be able to forebode the future of the companies stocks you are investing on.

*Don’t be taken in by the market rates. Set your own limits for buying and selling stocks; so that, you can sell your shares for the price you want to and thus, need not suffer any loss.

To cut a long story short, seeking advice from friends, tips from the experts, and ideas from well wishers is fine, but let the final decision be yours.
If your decision turns out right, nothing like it, but if goes wrong, there is something to learn from it and move on.

Invest wisely and trade your stocks online now!


Trading Stocks Online – Keeping Emotions In Check

Dabbling with stocks is a roller coaster ride. When fortunes change by the minute and at times seconds, it bounds to be an exciting, but nerve racking experience. The speed is pure madness, but make sure you find a method to madness.

You know the risk, but you should love the fun. If you are here as a purist who just looks at the money part then it would get to you sooner or later.

Don’t be a feeble heart one, but one who could take rough with the smooth. This is really important because stock markets tend to correct at huge numbers either high up or bottom down. Be ready for the jolt and never lose heart.

There definitely is a stroke of luck factor with stock trading. Of course, fortune favors the brave. If you are brave enough to bet high then you should be gutsy enough to take it when things go awry.

When you see a few good stocks, don’t bet every investment on it in order to make a killing. The opposite is also true.

Just don’t put money towards all the small and sundry stocks expecting a steady return. There should be a balance and for that you should avoid excitement clouding your judgment.

Never give in to the adrenaline rush and trade almost daily. It is not advisable. Study and research the stocks and then take the call. Don’t trade for the sake of it. Never did a stock go rot lying idle for a while.


Trading Stocks Online – Setting Targets

When you set foot on any business venture, you need to define your targets. There should be a long-term target and short-term one. In fact, your whole trading schedule should revolve on it. This would, if not anything, give you a sense of direction.

If you have direction, then the way becomes clear and the target can be achieved by careful traveling. In stock terms, setting targets would be defining numbers or money.

You can set a long-term target of “n” number of stocks by the end of the year valued at “x” sum of money. Short-term targets should contribute towards the larger goal.

In this case scenario, if there is a bear and bull run you would know how much you should buy and how many to sell. Shortly put, you would know what you are doing and be rest assured that you are going through the right direction.

If 10 big stocks would fetch you the money that 100 stocks combined would give you then you can crunch the numbers, see if it tallies up with your target and make the decision.

Sometimes, a bulk investment may fetch you a handsome return. There is nothing wrong in going for it. But make sure that it is a calculated risk. If this is the one you are ready to roll your dice on, let there be supporting stocks that will hold you good even if you lose the roll of dice.

A bird’s eye view on the target always hits the bull’seye!


Trading Stocks Online – Bull and Bear Runs

Bull and bear runs depict the state of the stock market at the current juncture. Bull run is synonymous with good market value and lots of selling activity. While Bear run is synonymous with depreciating market value.

You can survive a bear run and make fortune in a bull run if you keep your eyes open and keep your finger on the pulse of the markets.

When the markets go through a bull run, the usual notion is the market is on an upswing. Your stocks will fetch a high price now and the general dilemma would be if you should hold on to the stock or worry if it would end up below the price you had actually
bought it for.

In that case scenario, sell a part of your shares and hold on to the rest. That way you stand to gain when the market corrects itself.

When the market is in a bear run, things look real bleak. This is when you’ve got to be cautious. When the prices fall on your shares don’t panic, but be watchful.

In a bear market, people sell their shares fearing the worst and that hits the market fortunes badly. If the price of your shares goes down steep, it would advisable to sell them, but just don’t wash your hands off everything.

You can also use this scenario to your advantage as the stocks, which were priced too high for you to buy may have come down to a reasonable level. You can buy them now and wait for the market to return to a stable run. When that happens, you would have made a wise investment.


Trading Stocks Online – Dabbling in Stocks as a Career…

Thanks to the booming markets, there is a steep rise in the number of people entering the world of stocks. Usually, people who are not acquainted with the nuances of trading stocks are also jumping the bandwagon.

Of course, they seek the assistance of a conventional stock broker or even well wishers who will guide them about which company’s stocks are likely to soar or drop.

Before moving in, determine whether you are in for a short term or for a long haul. Short term would be like buying a lottery and expecting a jackpot.

You may get lucky, of course, but the odds are slim to the point of invisible. Law of percentages will catch up with you even if there is a streaky stroke of luck here and there.

Moving in for a long term makes sense and yes, a lot many people have made careers out of stock markets. And they are successful too. If you have the expertise, investing money, and patience then welcome aboard. There’s a successful career to be made out

Making a career out of the stock market is a lucrative option. You are your own boss, almost negligible infrastructure, and running expense.

Although you don’t need to have a Masters in computers, you need to be net savvy for trading stocks online. You should also be able to handle technical hurdles like a faulty modem, a very slow internet connection, high net traffic and lack of certain equipment, etc.

But again, you have to be confident and prepared or otherwise, let the numbers gazing be just a part-time option.


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