Bloomberg Recruits Churches Leaders For Anti-Gun Turnout

The Associated Press reports that Bloomberg’s Everytown gun-ban advocacy group has recruited more than a dozen religious leaders to boost turnout this fall to support candidates who support measures to prevent gun violence. But somehow religion got included in the gun lobby’s campaign for gun control measures.

Last December, Jack Wilson stopped Keith Thomas Kinnunen with a single shot on video. Several armed parishioners pulled out their sidearms when the gunman opened fire, and within seconds the head of the church’s security team stopped the killer. It is not clear if this is the first time that armed church members prevented tragedies with mass shootings, but it is certainly not the last time.

In November 2017, Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 people and injured 20 others when he opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday. His rampage ended when his neighbor Stephen Willeford shot him with an AR-15 rifle. Gun-control advocacy groups remained silent, as they did after Jeanne Assam shot killer Matthew John Murray. Murray took his own life after suffering serious injuries, and his wife Jeanne was shot dead.  The gunman fled and killed himself a short time after veering off the highway, only fleeing and killing himself.

This underscores the importance of this fall’s elections: the Bloomberg-backed advocacy group Victory Fund has already announced that it will spend about $60 million on its campaign to turn congressional and state laws into gun control majorities. That would end the federal courts’ ability to weigh Second Amendment lawyers against gun-control advocates and their allies in the gun lobby.

If the Supreme Court does accept all pending Second Amendment cases now awaiting trial, it would mean that the court is preparing to issue a ruling that further defines the right to own and bear arms. Earlier this month, a court ordered the city of San Jose, Calif., to respond to a request by the National Rifle Association to include a rule requiring all legally owned firearms to be returned to their owners.

Meanwhile, Second Amendment lawyers and activists are patiently waiting for the justices to act as they look over the horizon to the November 2020 elections, which will recapture the House of Representatives, protect the Senate majority, keep Trump in the White House for another four years.  the other option is for gun owners to stay home and hope for the best in a Democrat-controlled Congress and White House.

Dorothy Mack

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